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We’d love to bring you along on our trip. That’s partially why we’ve setup this blog – to keep in touch with family and friends and to meet new friends too. And it makes money – every penny of advertising revenue turns into a drop of gas in our tank, bite of food in our belly, or molecule of booze in our liver. You help us immensely when you read our blog. And if you want to help us more, we’d love for you to …

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This could get lonely – it’ll be nice to hear from people outside our tiny metal box.

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And if your laundry machine is getting sick and tired of only washing your clothes and your couch is crying for some drool stains from some tired vagabonds – we can help you there too. We don’t want to impose, but we’d love a roof now and then. Let us know what works – we’ve got the most flexible schedule in the world.

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(If your idea is a little crazy, contact us first to see if it’s feasible.)

That’s it. Don’t be a stranger. This is going to be fun!