“Montreal Style” Pizza at Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery

“Montreal Style” Pizza at Ottawa’s Big Rig Brewery

After an afternoon at our local IKEA … in Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, to be exact), we were in need of a beer and a bite. Big Rig Brewery promised both.

First: the beer. I got the sampler (Golden, Red, IPA, Stout). Lisa ordered a pint of the brown ale. All were tasty. Lisa even liked their red ale (Lisa typically hates red ales). The brown ale was superb. We ordered another (expensive, of course) round before digging into our pizza.

Mmmm ... beer.
Mmmm … beer.

The pizza was served “Montreal style” … which meant nothing to us. We asked the waitress and didn’t get a good answer. Investigation revealed toppings hidden under the cheese and soggy crust. The crust was more Chicago-style than NY-style. But hiding the toppings under the cheese is a bad idea for one huge reason: the toppings weep and make the crust disgusting. The pizza wasn’t exactly disgusting, but boy, the crust was soggy. And the cheese — there was so much cheese. Too much cheese. Didn’t think that was possible. I’m going to pass on Montreal style pizza in the future. Unless they start making it with gravy.

Ewww ... Pizza ... Montreal Style Pizza.
Ewww … Pizza … Montreal Style Pizza.