New Mexico Truths (Podcast S4:E5)

New Mexico Truths (Podcast S4:E5)

Ride along with the Bobs as we drive from City of Rocks to Hatch, then north on I-25 through Truth or Consequences and Socorro to Albuquerque, chasing green chiles and New Mexico truths along the way. The fires in the state may be preventing us from camping and hiking, but they can’t keep us from eating up everything else as we make our way north.

In the latest episode, learn more about New Mexico cuisine, how a town famous for its name got its name, where to find sparkling wine in New Mexico, the tastiest green chile cheeseburgers, heroic hot shot crews, how we save money on splurge days, and more.

We have created a couple different ways to consume our podcasts, if you’re not into listening to them. We post transcripts and links to things we mention in the podcast on our podcast website. We also recently started a YouTube channel – sorry, there are no fancy videos there, but you can see audiograms with subtitles (be sure to turn on the closed captioning) that play along with the podcasts, which could be helpful if you can’t make out any words in my strange combo of upstate NY/WI/Chicago/sometimes vaguely southern accent!

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  • We missed you all in New Mexico by 10 days!

    Blake’s is the best — don’t let anyone tell you differently!

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