How to make motel ‘continental breakfast’ waffles.

We stay at the cheapest of the cheap motels when we’re not camping. A La Quinta is a very, very rare splurge — they’re too pricey. A Marriott? A Hilton? Can’t do it.

The places we end up at tend to be around $40 a night, and they all have free waffles at breakfast. For a while, I just figured it was a few of the chains that offered these, but, no, EVERY cheap motel has a waffle-maker. I’ve been terrified of all of them — the potential of scorching the thing and setting off the fire alarms, under-cooking the waffle and having it spurt warm and uncooked dough down my chin, etc. But you can only hold out so long. The siren call of the waffle is too alluring. Here’s how to make them pro-style. It’s easy peasy.

Never be daunted. You can do this.
Never be daunted. You can do this.

Step 1: Measure the goo … er, dough.

These machines are all perfectly calibrated to the same unit of dough measure — the small styr0foam coffee cup measure. Fill one of these to the bottom of the lip and you’ll have the perfect amount of alien mucus to make your waffle.

Trust the coffee cup.
Trust the coffee cup.

Step 2: Pour it on!

The waffle machine should have been left open for you. Just pour it into the center and proceed to step 3.

Time to pour.
Time to pour.

Step 3: Close and flip.

This is where you probably want to act quickly. Close the lid and flip the waffle-maker to ensure the dough fills both sides of the iron. Some may dribble out the sides. Don’t worry about that — this isn’t your kitchen and you don’t need to do the dishes!

Patience, patience!
Patience, patience!

Step 4: Extract after the beep.

Wait for the beep. It’ll beep. I promise. It won’t burn. It just takes a couple minutes — usually about 3. Extraction is where you can add your own creative flourishes. Some do an open lid, close-and-flip, open again flip move. I just reach in and grab the thing and slide it onto a plate. Others try to spear it with a fork. You just need to be careful about the hot surfaces. You’re probably wielding a plastic fork and holding a plastic plate. Both really, really want to melt. Don’t let them!

That, sir, is a fine looking waffle.
That, sir, is a fine looking waffle.

Step 5: Top and eat.

I like a little syrup and a little butter. Sometimes I get creative and add a little strawberry jelly. Someday I’ll run over to the KFC across the street and top it with some fried chicken. That morning is going to be awesome.


10 thoughts on “How to make motel ‘continental breakfast’ waffles.”

  • An ettiquette question for you. Let’s say there’s a line of people waiting for the waffle maker, you both want waffles but Lisa is getting juice/coffee whatever. Do you make both waffles or make one, go to the end of the line then make the second waffle?

    A woman complained to Dear Abby about this very thing. She thought it was rude to make more than one waffle on your turn at the waffle iron. I thought she was looney for wasting Abby’s time

    What do you think?

    • See, Lisa just nabs a few bites of mine, so it’s not an issue for us. You could get around this by splitting them in half and eating the halves together. I’m not sure I could handle two irons at once. 

    • I would be interested in what Abby had to say! I’d say that if you’re standing there with two cups, then it’s obvious that you’re going to make two waffles. And some people need to relax! Maybe she was having a blood sugar crash at the time…but stewing over a waffle budger for more than five seconds is a little nuts.

  • Wow I like that waffle. But I think the equipment that you used in making the waffle is for hotels only right? Can we make a waffle by not using that waffle machine?

  • Most places have two machines.  I’d use both of them, just start one 15 seconds after the first and you each have a whole one to enjoy together. 
    I’m with you – I love waffle machines.

  • Isn’t it interesting which entries inspire comments.  Me, I’m thinkin’ I need to have a waffle tomorrow.

  • When back in Phoenix for Spring training, try Lolo’s chicken and Waffles. The location near the airport is original and quite the crazy eyesore, but the food is amazing. Get Sweet tea. Maybe Banana pudding to top it off. Don’t be tempted to try weird stuff on the menu – just go for fried chicken and waffles. Stick to the original.

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