Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Driving out of Durango and into Navajo land, we passed what looked like the last liquor store we’d see for a while. It was a shithole by the side of the road, possibly a former gas station. It didn’t have a direct entry from the road, so we followed the signs around to what looked like the site of many out-of-towner murders. The door opened up into the cash register, so when standing to pay, you’d be hit with the door. But it sold booze, and we were dry.

Quickly scanning the shelves (alone, Lisa didn’t want to go in), I spotted Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for $10.99. Sold. Get me out of here!

“That’s a big bottle of booze,” the guy behind me in line observed. He was buying loose Coronas trying to piece together a 10-pack in a leftover beer box. “Yeah, it should last all afternoon,” I replied. Then I was smacked with the door — another patron was trying to get in.

Old Crow is a Bourbon of some provenance, I’d learn later. I just thought it was good and cheap, but supposedly Mark Twain and Hunter S. Thompson were fans. That’s good company.

Aged three years in oak and it’s still only $10.99. Amazing, especially when moonshine is sold for $40 a jar. This stuff is a terrific deal. And it’s good — maybe even better than Ancient Ancient Age, definitely better than Beam (and it’s made by Beam). I’ll buy it again when I see it.