All Roads Lead to Terre Haute, Indiana

All Roads Lead to Terre Haute, Indiana

There’s a pretty good chance we’ll never set foot in Terre Haute again. For about a quarter century, Lisa and I managed to avoid the city. Then we visited regularly(ish) because our good friends Ben and Gina lived there. Now they’re moving. We’re probably not going back. And it’s not because of the crows. The city ain’t a bad place. It has a great Frisbee golf course. And I’d love to go back to Stables Steakhouse (housed in an old stable) and see if their meat is as good as their martinis.

But if YOU are planning to visit Terre Haute, there are two roads you need to know about:

If you’re coming from the west / St. Louis, avoid I-70 and take Highway 40. I-70 is a slog. Highway 40 is at least calm and nearly tractor trailer-free. And you’ll pass right by the Boos Block factory in Effingham, Illinois.

If you’re coming from the north / Chicago, skip the Highway 63 ‘shortcut’ and take Highway 41 the entire way. 41 weaves through forest while 63 just drones along. 41 is a much more fun road.

Didn’t know that Boos was based in Effingham, did you? That’s the shit you learn on the back roads, bitches.