Welcome to Terre Haute, Crow-opolis

Terre Haute has a crow problem.  Check this out:

Two winters ago, Union Hospital spent more than $100,000 to clean up after crows, an effort that included power-washing the parking lots. Last year, a crew shoveled 4,000 pounds of crow droppings from the roof of a building used by the Clabber Girl baking powder company. Trees have been chopped down. Recorded crow-distress calls have been played. Debates have raged between those who love all God’s creatures and those who say the only good crow is a crow that has ceased to be.

About 100,000 crows will descend upon Terre Haute this crow season. My solution? Rat shot. Murder the murder. Easy peasy.

Three American Crows
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. T in DC | It’s them or us.

And try this if you have trouble beating the NYT paywall.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Terre Haute, Crow-opolis”

  • Shoot ’em, huh? Just you try it, buddy. I live in Chicago, in Hyde Park, and we have one of these freak nestings on my block. I live in a group of apartment buildings just off the lakefront. Crows winter there and modern science literally cannot figure out why they choose that area. They won’t be scared away. By law, they can’t be killed. Management is not allowed to cut down the city’s trees (of course, the treehuggers would just come along and hug them anyway). Starting a couple of weeks ago they returned and I am now in for my second season of crazy crow screeching and flocks of spooky birds flying around on gloomy winter evenings like those ghost things in Harry Potter. Oh, and bird droppings that you can measure by the crap ton. I have literally seen cars, in a week, so covered in droppings that you can barely make out the paint job. Management sent a letter to the tenants of such exasperation, of such resignation and despair, that I giggled like a schoolgirl. No one could say that they had not tried.

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