Meet Our Toyota Sienna, Rocky

This here’s Rocky. He’s a slate Toyota Sienna. That there’s not an RV.

Rocky, our Toyota Sienna
Rocky, our Toyota Sienna

Rocky is originally from Massachusetts by way of Japan. He’s 3(ish). He’s run 1,379 marathons so far, and he’s itchin’ to jog a few more.

Rocky hasn’t always been a vagabond – he used to have a family. But he gave it all up to be with us. I guess he just got sick of the chewing gum in the carpet and the candy in the cup holders.

Rocky enjoys unleaded fuel, smooth pavement, open roads, mountain air, vintage cartoons, boxing movies, chocolate ice cream with marshmallows and nuts, singer/songwriters, and racing Astro vans at stoplights. He’d also like to chop you in half with his non-hydraulic back hatch. Snip-snip. (We just got that fixed.) He’s looking forward to rolling over those domed bumps on the center lines in California.

Rocky isn’t a huge fan of baths, traffic, speed bumps, tire lumps, goth punks, and gas pumps. He prefers his gasoline via siphon.

Later in the week, he’ll shed his extra seats, gain a bed, and get loaded for the road.  Keep track of where Rocky is headed by reading this blog. But remember: if Rocky is rocky-rocky …

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