Week Two Flew Too

In a couple days, we’ll have been on our longest vacation together … ever.  We’ll see how it feels.  It’s been a whirl-wind couple weeks, and it hasn’t FELT like a long vacation yet, but now that we’ve given up on driving across Ohio again, we’re feeling a little lighter and happier.

Tomorrow night will be our first official camp-out night.  Can’t wait.  The van-bed is comfortable and it’ll be nice to be in the woods, on our own, and self-sufficient.  Then we’re off to the north woods and Cable, Drummond, Hayward, and Ashland, WI.  We’re getting conflicting information on Tom’s Burned Down Cafe. Our insider info says they’re closed.  The website says they’re open.  Either way, we need to slow this circus down.  Makes me think of Rocky Votolato’s song, White Daisy Passing:

We’ve got a lot to share, so watch for a bunch of fun updates this week:

  • New Glarus Brewery is awesome.  Their new digs are super high-tech and impressive.
  • Madison, WI has a distillery.  And they have whiskey.  We tried it.
  • Ale Asylum has some seriously hoppy beer … and hop plants surrounding their beer garden.
  • We have new plans — Lisa will share them tomorrow.
We also learned: