Viña Borgia Garnacha: The Best Boxed Wine in the World!

After six months of boxed wine and cheap bottled wine testing and tasting, we’re prepared to make a grand statement: we’ve found the best boxed wine in the world!

The honor goes to Viña Borgia Garnacha, a Spanish red that is full of flavor and intensity. It’s even got sediment (a good thing)! It’s about $20/box or $1.25/glass, at the high end for boxed wines. Sadly, we’ve only seen it in a fancy shop in Carmel, CA, and I doubt we’ll easily find it again. If so, we may blow our budget stocking up.

Before finding the Viña Borgia, we sampled the Trader Joe’s Block Red Shiraz (a steal at $10/box but not great…very acidic and weak) and the Target Cab/Shiraz blend (OK, but I prefer the Target Vintner’s Red Blend). We’ve also learned that most $5 bottles of California Cab Sauvignon are really decent (these are the same bottles that would be at least $8 outside CA, if that sways you at all).

The winner!
The winner!

Fore more on the subject, check out my first and second posts on our efforts to find boxed wine perfection! And here’s a much more scientific approach to boxed wine tasting, if you’re looking for a few more opinions on the subject. The bottom line remains that taste is a personal thing and that you’ll need to experiment to find what you like best. And that there’s always sangria. Try the box!

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