Lake Geneva, WI to Cleveland, OH; Cleveland, OH to Cleveland, NY

Lake Geneva, WI to Cleveland, OH; Cleveland, OH to Cleveland, NY

Yesterday was our first big-miles day (420 miles, Rocky kicked ass).  We don’t want to do too many of these, but we’ll have a bunch over the next couple weeks as we crisscross between New York and Wisconsin.  It was odd passing through Chicago, but it felt good.  We love Chicago, but we didn’t feel sad passing by the Fullerton exit (the road to our old neighborhood).  Our time in Chicago was awesome and our last month was amazing.  We had good city-relationship closure (but we miss our friends).

On the road, Lisa’s amazing.  She almost loves driving nearly as much as I love napping in moving cars. But I didn’t do too much napping yesterday — the fall colors have started and the drive was beautiful. We’re hoping they hold out for a few weeks so we have gorgeous rides for most of October.

The highlight of the drive was ditching I-80/90 and meandering through Port Clinton, then Sandusky, OH. There’s beautiful shoreline here, and it would have been awesome to have a bit more time to explore.  I kinda wanted to stop for a beer, but most businesses were closed up.  This area seems like a summer weekend type spot, and it was neither summer nor weekend.

Lake Geneva, WI in fall
Yesterday, we woke up in Lake Geneva, WI. Today, we leave Cleveland, OH.

Today, we’re headed to Lisa’s parents’ home in Cleveland, NY (360 miles).  We’re taking the long route through the Allegheny National Forest, so it’ll probably add a few miles, but it will keep us sane and off the interstate for a while.

Anyway, a shortage of whiskey means gin is making a run at the best travel alcohol title.  We learned that Cleveland Chipotle portions are bigger than Chicago Chipotle portions.  And yesterday’s discussion of planking led to an amazing idea.  More to come on that …