October Plans: It Begins With a WI-NY-WI-ME Zig-Zag

We leave October 1st.  We can’t wait.  First we say goodbye to Chicago and head to Wisconsin for the weekend to see our nephew.  Then it’s off to Binghamton, New York for Lisa’s brother’s wedding.  Then back to Wisconsin for my cousin’s wedding.  It’s a lot of criss-crossing, but it’s going to be great — we’ll be free.

After that, we’re taking the long way to Bourbon country — first to Green Bay for some tailgating before the October 16th Packers game, then to the north woods of Wisconsin to visit the man that rocks the Chequamagon Fat Tire Festival and his artist wife, Sara Balbin. After that, we’ll take the northern route to Portland, Maine, crossing through the upper peninsula of Michigan, and try to catch up with the fall colors on our way to Kentucky by way of Boston and New York and Knoxville.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover before heading back to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Fall Is Coming
Creative Commons License photo credit: katelynmarie <3 | The bridge to freedom, nowhere.