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The edge of Wisconsin.

Paul’s favorite place(s)

By     |    Dec 18, 2012
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Lisa posted her favorite places list weeks ago. Here are mine: Quiet places It was on our first day in Death Valley that Lisa noticed it. We’d left Tecopa and were driving in via Highway 178. We got out of our car to scramble around and Lisa stopped me. “Do you hear that?” she asked. There were no planes overhead, no cars on the road, no rustling leaves, no voices […]

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Cell phone coverage here!

Lisa’s favorite place(s)

By     |    Nov 15, 2012
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The question we’re most often asked is: “What was your favorite place?” This question is impossible to answer, because we didn’t have one favorite place. I usually reply by listing a few places I loved, then pretty soon I find myself throwing out just about every single place we visited that I didn’t hate, while the questioner, having long ago lost interest in the answer, stares blankly at the ground. Now that […]

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No more of these, please.

Gift Ideas for Travelers and Vagabonds

By     |    Nov 8, 2012
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It’s coming up on the holiday season. The Black Friday Christmas buying binge is about to begin. It’s a difficult time of the year to be anti-stuff. But some stuff can save you money, make you more mobile, and help you travel. This is that stuff. These are perfect gifts to add to your Christmas list, give you favorite traveler, or buy yourself. Full disclosure: Amazon links contain affiliate tracking codes. We […]

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no photo

Our collective photo-assisted memories

By     |    Oct 18, 2012
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Upon hearing of our impending move to the Ithaca area, one of our college buddies shared a story from the New York Times about the decline of the college bar scene in places like Ithaca. According to the author, students aren’t drinking less, they’re just drinking at bars less (they’re drinking in their rooms, then going to bars to throw up, I guess). I’m sure it’s not relevant that the […]

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We're ready, Virgin Atlantic.

“Direct” Flight to London

By     |    Sep 20, 2012
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We wanted a direct flight when flying to London, didn’t want to transfer. Of course, no flight is truly direct. Here’s what we went through to get from A (Lake Geneva, WI, USA) to B (London, England, UK). Drive to Harvard, IL (40 minutes) Our travel day started with a drive into Illinois. We had been staying with my mom in Wisconsin. She was nice enough to get us through […]

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A Very Google Summer

By     |    Sep 18, 2012
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Well, we certainly Google’d a lot this last year. Every time we found ourselves in a new town, we’d need to figure out where the grocery store was, where the library was, where they sold tacos, etc. Our first source was nearly always Google Maps. Lisa would pilot us into town, while I’d research options on my phone, add a few stars on the map. Our map got to be […]

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Skype: fun for the whole family.

Skype is Wonderful Too

By     |    Aug 6, 2012
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Every year my family has a big meetup in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We missed it this year because of our travels, but Skype saved the day. Thanks to Skype, we got to see and talk to everybody, including my cousin who’s now a mom, her mom (my aunt), and her mom (my grandmother). Hooray for technology!  

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Great for coffee, cash.

Travel Nightmares

By     |    Aug 2, 2012
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People often ask, “Has anything terrible happened to you so far?” I have to admit that no (fingers crossed), nothing really awful has happened during our journey. Sure, we have bad days, and I’ve narrowly avoided countless collisions with crazy motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, deer, and one black bear, but overall we’ve been fine…no flat tires, no robberies, no assaults, no scary interactions with people of any kind. Just a minor […]

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Let the bankers keep your money for the day.

The Free Day

By     |    Jul 31, 2012
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It’s wonderful to have a free day – not a day off (though that’s wonderful as well), but a day where you spend no money, all day. True, no day is ever really free. We’re always “paying” a portion of our car payment, car insurance, health insurance, student loan, cell phone bills, storage bill, etc., every day. Then there’s the averaged cost of things like the National Park pass, gas, […]

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Not all bathrooms are as nice as this one in Yellowstone.

Close The Lid! Pit Toilets Explained

By     |    Jul 19, 2012
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We’ve been at a lot of campgrounds lately with pit toilets. Sometimes, if the place is extra-classy, they’re referred to as ‘vault’ toilets. Secure storage for your shit. There seems to be some confusion on how to use them. Let me explain; it’s simple, really. First, you enter the building. Open the door, check for spiders (if you’re like Lisa), close the door, lock it, open the lid, prepare to […]

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