We Have a Podcast! Welcome to Road Tripping in America.

We Have a Podcast! Welcome to Road Tripping in America.

As Paul teased the other day, we are adding a podcast to our media empire this time around. We are so excited to share sounds and stories from the road with you on our new podcast, Road Tripping in America!

The podcast will be available on all major podcasting apps (if your favorite one isn’t there yet, give it a day or two to synch up). Our sister website, roadtrippinginamerica.com, will also host the podcasts and extra content like photos and transcripts. We’ll share links to new episodes here too, so you don’t have to subscribe to a whole host of emails from Lisa and Paul.

Our first episode is out now!

We plan to share an episode every two to three weeks, internet access permitting. Episodes will tend to run around twenty minutes, perfect for enjoying over dinner, on a drive, or on a mental health break from work.

Road Tripping in America Podcast Cover

Series one will be all about getting our road legs. We’ll reflect back on why we decided to head out on the road again, we’ll select and pick up our camper and get it outfitted for road life. We’ll take it on a dry run, and back at home again, we’ll deal with all of our stuff, plan out our route, and finally, we’ll pull away from the curb.

In series two and beyond, we’ll bring you stories from the road. We don’t know what we’ll find on the horizon, but we’re looking forward to sharing it with you.

Let us know if you have any questions you’d like us to answer in a future episode or a tip for the road.

Check out roadtrippinginamerica.com for more. And subscribe to our podcast on your favorite podcasting app if you really want to ensure you never miss an episode. Thanks for listening (and reading)!

Photos from Episode 1: