State of the Union: 1H 2013

State of the Union: 1H 2013

While we’d once wrangled it into near submission, time has really started to roll lately. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Book: Done (almost)

We’ve got a few people looking at the last draft of our book. As soon as we go through one more round of revisions, it’ll be available on Amazon. We’re pretty excited about Amazon’s publishing platform — it’s very slick. Still not ready to share the title, but we’re both pretty proud of the state it is in. We just hope it’ll be more popular than our best travel laptop post.

A few months ago when the stack of papers grew taller than a wine cork.
A few months ago when the stack of papers grew taller than a wine cork.

Web: Growing

In the last few months, I’ve had my hands in the code of almost 10 different websites. Some have been personal projects, some for others, but they’ve all been interesting and educational. It’s time to see which personal ones have legs and cull those that don’t.

Wine: Delicious

Man, we’ve had some great wine lately. We need to start sharing what we’ve found. Lisa’s even got a new website for just that. Now she just needs some time to be able to update it!

Travel: Sampling the Northeast

Recently, we’ve made it to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Then we got to Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland. Next, we want to visit some family in New Jersey and return to the Adirondacks (for a Larry Burger). Then …? We’re still figuring that out.

Food: Tasty

No longer having to rely exclusively on Mr. Coleman, we’ve been able to cook some pretty great meals lately. And our trips along the East Coast? Delicious. It’s been a yummy few months, but we still drool at the thought of our old favorite Chicago restaurants. I want a Weiner Circle hot dog. Pad Thai haunts Lisa’s dreams. And the Mexican food? Chicago sure does a lot of food things right.

What’s Next?

We’re not really sure. All we know is we’re going to be moving again shortly. And it’s tough to play the “a year ago we were in __” game.