What To Do, What To Do?

It’s been a while since the end of our trip. It’s now been three years since we moved out of Chicago. We’ve lived in Upstate New York and Wisconsin — like really lived in these spots, we’ve signed leases plural and held jobs plural. A few weeks ago, we got back on the road and slept in the van and cooked on the Coleman like old times. It was remarkably easy to get back into the old rhythm. We hiked to the top of a mountain too.

Back on the road, for a bit.
Back on the road, for a bit.

People still find our site, this blog — thousands of them. Most of them want to read about travel computers. Some of them buy our book.

And here we are, wondering what to do. What should we do?

Lately, the answer to that question has been to go for a bike ride. We’ve got some wonderful rail trails around us and they all travel through great towns. We spent the summer hopping on our bikes, pedaling to a distant town for lunch and a beer, then heading back. It’s a great way to spend a day. I haven’t biked this much since college.

Lunch and beer, 15 miles ahead.
Lunch and beer, 15 miles ahead.

Living in Chicago after college, we always had bikes, we just never rode them. It was too crowded. Readying for our trip, we sold all of them — I had four. Now I have one, and I want another. And maybe another.

To satiate the urge, I’ve started a new website, Part 2 in the Driving Inertia Publishing Empire, called Trail & Tarmac. Some of our Wisconsin friends have written some posts. A few freelancers has contributed as well. It’s been fun building a new thing and writing for a new audience.

Now, there are a lot of bike blogs out there just like there were a lot of travel blogs around when Driving Inertia started. Like with Driving Inertia, Trail & Tarmac is a bit different than the pack. It doesn’t cover much of the news of the day or the gossip of the industry. Its aim is a bit more specific — save readers money by aggregating deals on quality gear.

If you’re a cyclist, check it out, especially if you’re looking for a deal on a set of lightweight racing wheels. If you’ve got a cyclist friend or two, send them a link.

The path forward is as unclear as ever, but I bet there’s beer at the end.