Planning for Spontaneity (Podcast S2:E2)

Planning for Spontaneity (Podcast S2:E2)

The second road-based episode of the Road Tripping in America podcast is out now! Listen on your favorite podcast app or on

Join us as we reflect on planned vs. spontaneous travel and how that translates to our life on the road. We’ll also share our highs and lows from the first month of road life. And finally, we’re introducing the Road Tripping in America road trip playlist!

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Photos from this episode:

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  • We lived in Boulder, CO for 20 years and loved visiting Mesa county. However, Colorado wine is an acquired taste that we never acquired…sampling plenty at wine festivals in Palisade. There was one delightful fruit wine but the reds were a different story, for us at least. We moved back to Hawaii after I retired and the visitor overload is apparent here as well. Residents are asking for restrictions with local officials taking action to address the short-term impact as well as the long view. Eventually, things will stabilize but I sure enjoyed the relaxed pace during COVID’s peak.

  • Loved it. Not sure I would have divulged the go bag in the tent! Pretty funny though and nice to have such a thing .

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