Trading Stuff for Places (Podcast S1:E3)

Trading Stuff for Places (Podcast S1:E3)

Episode three of the Road Tripping in America podcast is out now! Listen on your favorite podcast app or on

In this episode, we answer our most frequently asked questions: what we’re doing with all our stuff and where we’re going once we start for real. And we’ll also share an update on what’s next for the podcast.

This is our last episode on road life prep. Because it’s almost go-time!

Going forward, our main focus will be sharing the most interesting things we learn and places we visit. We’ll also bring you occasional updates on the Bobs, days in the life, and other voices and stories from the road. After all this time preparing, we can’t wait to get out there, and we can’t wait to share what we find with you.

We’re so happy you’re here for the ride.

It’s been a lot of fun to take the time to learn a completely new skill. But even better has been hearing from friends and family along the way. The best part of being restless is that it has given us the chance to meet so many friends and coworkers who have become friends. We are so lucky to know you all and it has been an absolute delight to hear your thoughts, feedback, and stories. Here’s to future hangouts with you all and all the new friends that we’ll make down the road.

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