Top Posts of 2011 on

Top Posts of 2011 on

We’re jumping on the year-end nostalgia conga line even though we’ve only been travelling full time for the last three months. We have, however, been blogging for all of 2011. Here’s what was popular.

Top 3 Topics of 2011

  1. The Biosphere 2 gallery post. Damn,, thanks for the link. And thank you, too, [FYI — ALL the cool sites are linking to us, so if you have a website and you’re not linking to us, what does that say about your site, eh?]
  2. Posts about selling our Merit 25 sailboat. These got a ton of traffic from Google. However, even with all the search demand and traffic we had to basically give the boat away to get rid of it. I still miss it. Especially having a drink on the boat after work or taking a nap on it during a weekend afternoon. And sailing. Driving a van at 70MPH isn’t nearly as thrilling as piloting a sailboat at 7MPH.
  3. Posts about our history and about us. People must check these out when they first find the site.
Biosphere 2 housing  -- maybe we should live instead of the van?
Biosphere 2 housing -- maybe we should live here instead of the van?

Most Talked-About Topics of 2011

  1. Where we’ve been so far and what we’re doing (like cruising the Catalina Highway and scrambling around slot canyons and winning at the slots in Vegas). This is the big winner and it makes sense on a travel site. We’re heard a ton of great stories about places people have loved and where we “must” visit. We’ll do our best to pack it all in! We love the tips and comments.
  2. What we went through to get here like downsizing our possessions, tricking out our van, and what we don’t miss.
  3. Cheap wine and whiskey deals and where we’re drinking.
  4. Food! Both what we’re cooking on the Coleman and finding during our travels.
  5. Biosphere 2. Seriously, lots of people read this post. It’s amazing what a little ’90s science nostalgia will do.

We’ve loved sharing our trip and look forward to more in 2011. And if you know anybody with a 2012 travel-related resolution, please share our blog with them! We’d love to hear what their plans are and what they think of ours.

Safe travels,
Paul & Lisa