Lake Havasu’s Crack in the Mountain

Crack in the Mountain – known locally as Sara’s Crack, because it’s located in Sara Park – is an exciting trail to hike. Many trails in the west seem to take advantage of washes and use them as naturally created and maintained trails. This wash just happens to cut through a mountain on its way to the Colorado River, ahem, Lake Havasu. Over the centuries rare rainstorms have created a slot canyon that’s often so narrow your shoulders brush both sides.

Luckily for us, a few 2x4s had either washed down in the recent rains or had been carried down by someone with foresight (more on that below). Someone with even better foresight would bring a rope on this hike (we left ours in the van). We started late in the afternoon and turned around at the bottom of the slot canyon where the sun had already dipped behind the horizon and had started to turn the sky pink. We didn’t make it down to the river, I mean lake, and the awesome looking “Balance Rock” because scrambling around in the canyon was way too much fun. But even I began to get concerned on the way back…

We had been warned about the slide by our host and adopted Lake Havasu tour guide, Mary. The slide was too wide for us to climb by straddling either side, and the rock to each side of the slide was too steep for inexperienced scramblers. The luck came into play in the form of two tools lying at the bottom of the slide that we were able to creatively adapt – a 2×4 and a big rock. Paul leaned the 2×4 against the slide, then I “pushed” him up, standing on the bottom of the board. Then I jammed the rock against the bottom of the board and tried to scramble up. I had a tough time even reaching Paul’s hand, and for a moment, as my feet slid down the board, I didn’t think I’d make it. But Paul managed to reach me and haul me up and we collapsed at the top, laughing hysterically. Accomplishing something you think you’re physically incapable of doing is exhilarating!

Paul in the crack
Paul in the Crack.
Two of the 2x4s that assisted us on the hike. We had to slide down to reach them and miss the puddle.
The Crack was very exciting – and addicting.
It had rained the previous three days, so we were treated to a few puddles.
The setting sun shining into the Crack.
More crack
I never wanted the Crack to end…
The slide
The 7′ slide and the 2×4 that would come in handy on the ascent.
Create ascent
This is how we got up the slide. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked!