Eating Our Way Through Phoenix

Phoenix was delicious. Well, the greater-Phoenix sprawlopolis was delicious. The metropolitan area feels endless when you’re stuck in it (Safeway, Walgreens, McDonald’s, rinse, repeat). We ended up at a bunch of great places. Here’s where we went and what you should try.

Los Taquitos

Tacos here are awesome and cheap (under $1.50). I had three (favorite: pork). Lisa had pazole. We were in heaven.

Pork, Pork Pastor, Carne Asada. Onions and Cilantro: Perfect.
Pork, Pork Pastor, Carne Asada. Onions and Cilantro: Perfect.

Arrogant Butcher

Just had a drink at the bar here, but it looked like a great place to eat too. Near the Tilted Kilt and Alice Cooper’s Town. Looks like they serve hip, modern yuppie food. It’s a very sleek spot … and if you visit the site you’ll see that it’s not just a restaurant, it’s a concept.

Pizzeria Bianco

The pizza is phenomenal and so is the bread. They hooked us up with a loaf to take home on a quiet(er) Tuesday (there was still a 45+ minute wait). The place is very, very small, but you can wait for a table at the wine bar next-door or the pub across the street. Parking is tricky and can be expensive, but it’s worth it.

Pizza Explosion.
Pizza Explosion.

RT O’Sullivans

We watched a Packers game here and found a bunch of other Phoenix-area fans. 1/2 liter beer specials during the game made for a tricky situation after the men’s bathroom broke down.

Buffalo Chip Saloon

This place is maybe the epicenter of Phoenix-area Packers fandom. The bar one-door-down is a Steelers bar, so Cave Creek turned into an awesome place to watch last year’s Superbowl. They also have live bull-riding here Wednesdays and Fridays — as in a bull that’s alive is ridden around behind the back patio. Not a mechanical bull. They have Leinenkugel’s beer, and the food comes in from the outside from their barbecue.

Yep, bull riding. No bull. Wait ... there is a bull.
Yep, bull riding. No bull. Wait ... there is a bull.

Chino Bandito

Mexican food with a Chinese influence or Chinese-Mexican fusion — it’s wild however you describe it. Their logo is a Panda with a sombrero. One of the tastiest things on the menu is the jerk-chicken fried rice if that makes any sense at all (it doesn’t). We loved it all.

Chino Bandito Yumito.
Chino Bandito Yumito.


Yep, we ate at IKEA. $2 gets you a slice of pizza and a drink (Lisa) or two hotdogs, a bag of chips, and a soda (Paul). Get the lingonberry soda. It’s awesome.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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