National Burger Month Suggestions

National Burger Month Suggestions

Well, according to the internet, it’s National Burger Month. According to me searching on Google, that designation may be a bit dubious, but pretty much every news outlet is ready to play along. Whatever. We’ll play too. Burgers are yummy.

Need a burger? Up for a drive?

Check out our middle-of-nowhere best burger list. Everything from the Jalama Beach Burger to the Adirondack Larry Burger, 2,500 miles east of Jalama Beach.

Trying to decided between Culver’s and In-N-Out?

We ranked them. We tasted ’em. We concluded: get whatever’s closer.

What about Shake Shack and Five Guys?

Well that’s easy. Go to Five Guys. Go now. Seriously. Unless you’re in Central Park. Then, fine, Shake Shack. Oh, you’re in Seattle? Why aren’t you already at Dick’s?

Meh. Burger?

Seriously? Fine. Get the fish. Or the chicken.

Me? I want a green chili cheeseburger. New Mexico is truly the land of dreamers.

Green chili cheeseburger: perfection in New Mexico.
Green chili cheeseburger: perfection in New Mexico.