A Spiedie, Speedy Fall

Fall is happening fast.  The colors are a bit muted this year in the northeast.  The most popular theory is that the heavy rains of Hurricane Irene put too much moisture into the system and the leaves are browning out and dropping fast in most areas.  There are still pockets of blazing orange and brilliant yellow.  Our trip to Binghamton this weekend was beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as the spiedie sandwiches we had while there.  These tangy, marinated meat sandwiches are a local specialty.

Pork spiedie at the Spiedie & Rib Pit, Binghamton, NY
Pork spiedie at the Spiedie & Rib Pit, Binghamton, NY.
Pork or chicken, both are yummy.
Pork or chicken, both are yummy.

The spiedie marinade / sauce is available online, but it’s not the same.  It’s tangier in person, probably because they make up a fresh batch of the sauce daily at the restaurants and the bottled stuff is shelf-stable.  The result is a great sandwich.  And I like that you can’t re-create it everywhere.  Regional cuisine shouldn’t be available via FedEx, and we’ll be searching it out as we travel around.

Learn all about spiedies on Wikipedia.

Got a regional food tip?  Let us know in the comments what we shouldn’t miss.  Next week, we’re going to grab custard ice cream in Wisconsin.  

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  • Depending on where you are in WI (north is the play), a cornish pastie is a regional thing.  Though on the flavor scale, they are about a 3 compared to a Spiedie’s 10.  More like a large quantity of comforting, subtlely-flavored calories.

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