Polygamy, Stress, Dreamliners and more!

First, I can’t believe we missed this: The Polygamous Rockland Ranch in Utah. It’s near Moab. Writer Dave Seminara even stops at Love Muffin Cafe before his visit! Remind me, why is Lisa in love with Utah? Oh, right. This stuff.

Meanwhile, Ayngelina over at Bacon is Magic learned what we learned — London is very cool. Lisa and I were talking about London food the other day — we both miss The Fox (one of us misses Scotch eggs). One of these days we’re going to do a __ on toast dinner. And I can’t mention “bacon” without this — yes, there is a Baconfest.

An awesome campsite in Chile.
An awesome campsite in Chile.

But really, we want to be on a real vacation, stress-free, we’d even jump on a Dreamliner in a second. We’re heading to New York in a few weeks and are really looking forward to it. Maybe it’ll end up being our CouchSurfing virgin voyage. Got to convince Lisa … she just wants to be back on the road, maybe in Chile.

Lastly, want an alternative take on my best travel laptop recommendations? Try this. What’s $2,500 anyway?