Next Stop: Dodge City … Maybe

We’re free of obligation and headed west. After a great weekend in Kansas City and stops in Indianapolis and Terre Haute, we’re headed towards New Mexico by way of Dodge City, and wherever else we want to visit. We’ll get there … sometime.

This is the first real bit of the trip for us. Until now, it’s been visiting friends and family and bouncing around places we’ve largely been before … with frequent showers (nice) and long miles (not as nice). Now, we’ll probably cap driving obligations to under a few hours per day. We’ll stop in places longer. We’ll slow it down and see how we handle the boredom and excessive time. There will be hiking. There will be camping. There will be a new mission whiskey.  There will be a style dispatch on

Having said that … I can’t help but think of the Griswolds. I found out long ago … It’s a long way down the holiday road … Holiday ro-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oooh-oh-oh-oad …

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