Katherine Landing: A Hawaiian Port Town In The Middle Of The Desert

Katherine Landing: A Hawaiian Port Town In The Middle Of The Desert

After the burro-filled main street of Oatman, AZ and a 10-mile stint on a dirt road through the mountains, the last thing we expected to find was a harbor town, but that’s exactly what was waiting for us at Katherine Landing, located near the south end of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There’s a Hawaiian-looking motel, enough gas pumps to fill a dozen boats at once, countless seagulls, speedboats and pontoons available to rent, houseboats big enough to be primary dwellings, a cafe, a campground, and … nobody. Not a single person on the docks.

We saw one sign stating they’d close up early Thursday afternoon. It was Friday and there wasn’t a person in sight. And the wind … gusts up to 35 MPH. There was a small-craft advisory flag up and no boats on the water.

They had 30-minute parking by the store and cafe, 3-day parking a little further up the road, and 7-day parking near the campground. This place must get packed at some point, but we didn’t see any signs of life.

We only camped a night, but I wish we could have sneaked onto one of the houseboats and squatted for a week.

Lisa got some great pictures:

Katherine Landing
One third of the harbor - this place is set up for heavy traffic.
Lake Mohave
Given the small craft advisory, we had to abandon our desire to explore the nooks and crannies of Lake Mohave...for now.
Incredible looking diner that was sadly closed, despite a sign proclaiming otherwise.
CFL recycling
Katherine Landing even offers creative CFL recycling options.