Plans Are Falling Together

Plans Are Falling Together

Lots of plans fall apart. We’ve tweaked our mindset a bit. Now our plans fall together. And they’re falling together nicely. We’ve shortened our planning horizon. Next week will happen next week – what should we be doing now?

Driving across Ohio is out. Which means Maine is out (for now), Knoxville moves back along with Charleston, SC and North Carolina too … and Key West (probably), but that has opened up our Wisconsin schedule enough to hit Lake Superior before looping back to Milwaukee.

Right now we’re …

“Lisa, where are we right now?”

“I dunno,” Lisa says.

Lake Wissota State Park / Office
Lake Wissota State Park / Office

I look at my phone’s GPS. We’re in Lake Wissota State Park. We’re one of about five groups in a campground setup to hold over 100. Our campsite overlooks Lake Wissota. We have New Glarus beer. The wind is blowing through the trees, dislodging the last of the fall’s leaves, and cooling off the thumb I just burned on the camp stove making tea.

This is exactly what we want to be doing. Later we’ll cook dinner, read, play a card game, and hopefully sleep late enough to wake with a little warmth.

Earlier, we stumbled across what may be the best Mexican spot north of Chicago – Taqueria Sandoval in Eau Claire, WI (Thanks, Google Maps!). They had wonderful chorizo tacos (which we both got) and tongue tacos (which I got). Located in the back of a Mexican market, we were a little hesitant going in, but all that melted away when we saw the crowd and smelled the food. Mexican markets may now be our new go-to lunch choice.

Tongue, Chorizo, Pork Pastor.  Eau Claire, WI -- Obviously.
Tongue, Chorizo, Pork Pastor. Eau Claire, WI -- Obviously.

There are four beers left in the cooler. The shower building is still open along with the flush toilets (which were supposed to be closed up 10/15). Lisa’s chasing the sun down the picnic table so it stays on her back while she blogs, but the sun keeps moving and the trees keep shading her. The sun will set across the lake and we’ll watch it from our campsite in a couple hours. The woodsy air will make for great dreams.