Trail Booty: What We’ve Found

I love the Mountain Gazette, the west’s great free adventure magazine. Recently, we read an article about trail booty, the stuff you find while playing outdoors. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

  1.  4GB SD memory card found along the Million Dollar Highway. We were keen to try to return this to its owner, but the thing was blank. Note to readers: if you want your photos back, you might want to put a ‘contact owner’ text file on your SD card with your name, email address, and a note asking for your card’s safe return. You never know who will find it.
  2. 1.5L mega-Nalgene found outside Moab near the worst bathrooms in the world. This guy was just hanging from a tree at our campsite totally empty. Lisa refused to use it until I washed it about a dozen times and ran it through our Boise friends’ dishwasher (thanks again, Joe and Sarah!).
  3. Boat fender found along the coast of Oregon. It may have been tsunami debris. I left it where it was, because we’re currently boat-less.
  4. 12 oz. can of Bud Light found at Agua Caliente. Thanks campsite neighbors for leaving this for me.
  5. Bushels of firewood found everywhere. Seriously, it’s kind of insane how much firewood we score.

That’s it. No winning lottery tickets, no $100 bills … yet!

Look at this pile of Douglas Fir!
Look at this pile of Douglas Fir!