The Free Day

It’s wonderful to have a free day – not a day off (though that’s wonderful as well), but a day where you spend no money, all day. True, no day is ever really free. We’re always “paying” a portion of our car payment, car insurance, health insurance, student loan, cell phone bills, storage bill, etc., every day. Then there’s the averaged cost of things like the National Park pass, gas, groceries. But a day where you have no financial transactions – that’s a rare and beautiful thing. We have these days so infrequently. We had one recently in Olympic Park, when we spent the day hiking on the beach, then found a free campground just down the road from the Hoh Rainforest.

We want to challenge you to try a free day. Try to go one day without directly buying anything – no coffee in the morning, no lunch, no dinner, no drinks, no shopping. Let us know if you can do it. It’s tough.

Just one thing to watch out for, if you do manage to have a free day: the happy-spending day after.

Note: After congratulating ourselves heartily for our free day, we remembered that we had spent $1.75 that morning for showers. Like I said, it’s tough.

Let the bankers keep your money for the day.
Let the bankers keep your money for the day.

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