Burlington Jazz Festival 2011

We stumbled upon Burlington at the right time — the 2011 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival just began.  It runs from June 3rd through June 11th. Yesterday night, a Sunday, the town was filled with music, but my favorite was the digeridoo guy on Church Street (who may always be around). What is Vermont anyway if not just a colder version of Australia?

However, we’re getting a bit of a warped picture of reality.  Is Burlington normally this lively on a Sunday evening?  Are these bars normally this awesome where they host music and setup outdoor seating for dining and drinking downtown?  Are there really this many good musicians in town?  Sadly, we won’t be able to answer these questions.  We’ll have to move on shortly — we’re on an exploratory trip and haven’t yet cut our ties to reality.

Flynn Marquis
Creative Commons License photo credit: churchstreetmarketplace