Esquire’s Best Bar In Vermont: Three Needs

We’re intentionally planning very little before our trip to Burlingon, Vermont next week, but Esquire’s best bar issue came out and I had to take a look at Vermont’s showing.  Chicago has 8 bars in the compiled list.  Burlington has 1, which, per capita, is probably better … even though it feels a bit light.

The bar on this list is Three Needs.  And if you trust Yelp (or this one), it’s either the greatest place in the world or a sacrilegious abomination to all that his holy and good.  It’s odd that that place doesn’t have its own website.  I’m all for old-timey throw-backs, but this feels a little backwards.  This will require further research, because there’s also a bar in town called The Monkey House.  More to come.

Red Sky at Night
Creative Commons License photo credit: tehusagent