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Coor Light. Coors Light???

Who is this woman?

By     |    Apr 9, 2012
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“You know, I really like mornings. They’re so peaceful, and the light is amazing.” True. Mornings are great. But LISA said that. After I pieced my exploded head back together, I looked back on the other signs of change. In Indianapolis, she sampled a pickled egg without reservations or hesitation. In Chicago, I suggested we go to a bar serving $0.30 wings for a pre-dinner snack and she was all […]

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Top 3 Posts Lately: Burgers, Laptops, and Wine

By     |    Mar 29, 2012
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I enjoy watching our popular posts shift around and jockey for position. For a long time, posts about our Merit 25 sailboat were on top thanks to Google and people looking for information about this boat via search. Lately, the post about travel computers has been on top, but it was recently dethroned. Here’s what’s at the top today and why: Culver’s vs. In-N-Out comparison post. This was a popular […]

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Waxie TP: absolute shit at wiping shit.

Waxie Toilet Paper … You’re the Worst Toilet Paper I’ve Ever Used, So Here’s a Poem.

By     |    Mar 21, 2012
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This stuff is at nearly every park we visit … and I hate it. It just doesn’t work. I wrote it a poem: Waxie toilet paper, oh how I hate thee, At least I don’t have to use you when I pee, Because all you do is smear and smoosh. You don’t even act nicely when you flush! That’s why this University is suing you, You’re no better than a […]

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That, sir, is a fine looking waffle.

How to make motel ‘continental breakfast’ waffles.

By     |    Mar 8, 2012
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We stay at the cheapest of the cheap motels when we’re not camping. A La Quinta is a very, very rare splurge — they’re too pricey. A Marriott? A Hilton? Can’t do it. The places we end up at tend to be around $40 a night, and they all have free waffles at breakfast. For a while, I just figured it was a few of the chains that offered these, […]

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obama yelling

Barack Obama Lowers Gas Prices (For Us)

By     |    Mar 7, 2012
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Barack Obama, president of the most powerful country on earth and the primary cause of the world’s economic troubles, took bold action today lowering our gas prices from $4.49 per gallon to $3.49 as we crossed the California border and entered into Nevada. Why he took this action for only us is unclear. However, as the sole puppet-master behind the global petroleum market, we thank him. It is also unclear whether the […]

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Driving Inertia Store - Google Chrome_2012-02-29_16-22-45

We have framed prints for sale!

By     |    Feb 29, 2012
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We’ve uploaded a few of our favorite photos to CafePress so we can sell prints. Take a look at the Driving Inertia Store — we’ll be adding more photos as we continue to travel and continue to sort through all the thousands of photos we’ve taken so far. And if you see a picture on the site you’d like to put on your wall, contact us with the info and […]

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The flying RV.

The Best RV (Academy) Awards

By     |    Feb 26, 2012
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Here’s a collection of our favorite camping outfits to date in honor of the Academy Awards. We promise that none of these are campground hosts, who tend to build a little fort around their RV. Hosts don’t count, as they’re regular residents of each particular campground, not transient visitors. Take a look at the stuff that people lug around with them on vacation, in our favorite two categories: the most […]

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A group of RVs in what I call the Wagon Circle formation.

Boondocking: An Outsider’s Perspective on Dispersed RV Living

By     |    Feb 24, 2012
Posted in: Arizona, California, New Mexico, Travel, Travel Itch     |    2 Comments

In just about every campground, we find them. They’re the snowbirds, the kind and retired folks who’ve set up shop in this place for as long as they’re allowed before moving on to the next site (each campground has different limits on length of stay; two weeks seems typical). We’ve thought that many places we’ve come across on our journeys have been ideal snowbird locales, but it turns out that there […]

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Rocky prefers his occupants to be bathed and laundered.

The Periodic Cycles Of Our Travels

By     |    Feb 14, 2012
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Extended travel is a series of cycles. You don’t just pack, unpack, pack, and fly home. There’s more. We run out of stuff. Things go awry.  Here are the cycles I’ve identified so far. We constantly need to monitor these for our mental health. Otherwise we get irritable. Especially due to the last one. The Laundry Cycle We go about two weeks between laundry loads … I think. It’s really tough […]

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Beard: awesome. Neck: unruly.

Would a mustache by any other name taste as sweet?

By     |    Jan 6, 2012
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I stopped shaving at the end of October, about 4 weeks into our trip. For a while, it was Movember, so I rationalized it with that. Then it was December, and we were camping in increasingly remote spots as the temperature continued to drop. Shaving in front of a cloudy, polished-steel campsite mirror with ice-cold water wasn’t overly appealing. In Las Vegas, we had a hotel, but I had become […]

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