Movie Review: Hold Fast

We don’t watch a lot of movies. We barely have internet, power, cell phone coverage, the money for a ticket, etc. But Hold Fast is free to download and worth a watch. It’s about a group of friends that spend a year sailing around the Caribbean on a derelict, $1,000 boat, the Pestilence. They fish for food, catch rainwater, anchor without an engine, pee in the ocean. It’s wonderful to see how they lived, what they tolerated.

Don’t think you have enough money to retire on the sea? Watch this flick. It’s amazing and inspirational. Adventure isn’t expensive. If you pay a lot to find it, chances are you’re not really getting it. And if you have a dream you want to experience (like sailing around the Caribbean), chances are you can attain it for a lot less than you might think. Money rarely is the true barrier to fulfilling a fantasy.