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The Dinnertime Dance in New York

By     |    Feb 21, 2013
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It’s dinnertime in New York and we’ve got a plan. We’ll grab a glass of wine at Bar Jamón, then get dinner at either ABC Kitchen or Beecher’s or Cafe Mono. Easy. We jump in a cab and head to Gramercy Park. It’s still a little early, so we’re hoping the crowd isn’t too big yet at Bar Jamón. We walk up to the wine bar and find two men […]

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The History of the Half Moon / Black and White Cookie

By     |    Feb 19, 2013
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I grew up eating Half Moon cookies. But I had never had a NYC-style Half Moon cookie (OK, OK: a Black and White cookie) until last weekend. NYC is so good at so many things: bagels, pizza, overwhelming crowds of people. How could it get the Black and White cookie so wrong? I had to do a little research. I discovered that there’s surprisingly little information out there about Half Moon […]

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Es una salsa ... muy salsa! Si, whatever.

United States of Hot Sauce: Frank’s, Tapatio, and Tabasco

By     |    Feb 2, 2013
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Two regional food things surprised me on the trip: beer and hot sauce. Beer is much more regionally varied than the Bud Light commercials suggest — try getting Kokanee in South Carolina … or Yuengling in Yosemite … or Dixie anywhere outside New Orleans. Same with hot sauces. We are not a nation of Tabasco users. Surprised me. Here’s how it breaks down: The Northeast Favorite: Frank’s RedHot From the Garden State, Frank’s […]

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Photo from Nate B. via Yelp.

Mexican Food Update: The Piggery, La Fiesta Brava, Viva Taqueria

By     |    Jan 24, 2013
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The long and arduous search for chorizo in Ithaca is over. They make their own at The Piggery and it’s pretty damn good. It’s just artisanal, expensive stuff, not the cheapo, authentico stuff you get in California. But it’s satisfying our cravings. We miss chorizo — and we’re still looking for more options. The other day we found ourselves in Waterloo, NY and ready to eat. The Google suggested La […]

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Come for the oysters, stay for the burger.

The 6 Best Burgers in America: Middle-of-Nowhere Edition

By     |    Jan 17, 2013
Posted in: Bars, Booze, Beer, Etc., Best Of, California, Florida, Food, New Mexico, New York, Utah     |    3 Comments

Finding a good burger in a city is easy. There’s Dick’s in Seattle, Kopp’s in Milwaukee, In-N-Out across the Southwest, and Culver’s everywhere in the Midwest. But there’s something about being in the middle of nowhere and finding a great burger place. A cheeseburger in paradise is wonderful, but a cheeseburger in the boondocks is even better. Here are my six favorites: 6. Sebastian’s Store — Hearst Beef Burgers Sebastian’s […]

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My 6 star kitchen.

Small town living is good for my cooking

By     |    Nov 29, 2012
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I’ve been pretty down on small town living so far. I thought I was ready for a small town after Chicago, but going from a city of 3 million to a town of 1,700…it’s been a bit of an adjustment (even when you forget all those spots we visited in between). Feeling at home in a close-knit town of 1,700, for ten months and/or the foreseeable future is a stretch, […]

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Can't wait for our plates to look like this again!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

By     |    Nov 21, 2012
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Well, this is the blog’s second Thanksgiving. Last year, we jumped on a plane in Phoenix and flew to Wisconsin. This year, we’re doing the drive from Trumansburg to Wisconsin. We’ve got CoCoVan filled with bottles of our local, Finger Lakes wine (and some French stuff too). It should be a delicious day! An no TSA, hooray! We hope you all have wonderful turkey-fueled feasts planned with your friends and families. […]

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The Best Chinese Place in Trumansburg, New York

By     |    Nov 19, 2012
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On one of our first nights in our new place, Lisa met one of the staff from the local Chinese place on the street. It “served the best Chinese food in town,” the woman promised Lisa. We ordered take-out a few days later — they were right. When we first moved to Chicago, we lived around the corner from a place that bragged it served the best Chinese food in […]

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A beacon for weary travelers.

Ithaca Food, Ten Years Later

By     |    Nov 5, 2012
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This weekend, we were at Just a Taste in Ithaca and we thought we recognized our waitress. “Have you worked here for a while,” I asked. “Yeah. A loooooong time,” she said. “Like ten years? We haven’t been here for ten years and you look familiar.” “Longer than that,” she said. I knew it! One of the most fun parts of being back in the area is sampling our old […]

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The Tony Jenkins Jazz Trip.

barVino: The Coolest Place North of I-90 in New York

By     |    Oct 25, 2012
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In the sleepy Adirondack town of North Creek, there’s a new restaurant. It’s called barVino (lowercase ‘b’ and uppercase ‘V’ and all one word). They have live music every Wednesday, a great wine list, and a tasty beer list. They also serve delicious food. After visiting one of Lisa’s dad’s projects in Tahawus (pronounced “Ta-HAUS” — two syllables, not three), we stopped in for a bite. Dishes are small, meant for sharing, […]

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