The Best Chinese Place in Trumansburg, New York

On one of our first nights in our new place, Lisa met one of the staff from the local Chinese place on the street. It “served the best Chinese food in town,” the woman promised Lisa. We ordered take-out a few days later — they were right.

When we first moved to Chicago, we lived around the corner from a place that bragged it served the best Chinese food in town. We ordered take-out from the restaurant a bunch of times — and we believed that claim too. It was just that in Chicago, how would you verify it? Votes? Sounds like a recipe for Bush-Gore level contention. Revenue? That’d bias Panda Express. It’s just not possible. In Trumansburg, it’s a lot easier — there’s only one Chinese food place. Only one Asian food place, actually, and that’s Dragon Village.

So Dragon Village is the best Chinese restaurant in Trumansburg, definitively, but by default, and I love that. Luckily, it’s good.

Choice can be a pain in the ass.