Mexican Food Update: The Piggery, La Fiesta Brava, Viva Taqueria

Piggery food photo from Nate B. via Yelp.
Piggery food photo from Nate B. via Yelp.

The long and arduous search for chorizo in Ithaca is over. They make their own at The Piggery and it’s pretty damn good. It’s just artisanal, expensive stuff, not the cheapo, authentico stuff you get in California. But it’s satisfying our cravings. We miss chorizo — and we’re still looking for more options.

The other day we found ourselves in Waterloo, NY and ready to eat. The Google suggested La Fiesta Brava. While it’s probably the best Mexican restaurant in town, we’re probably not going back. It was fine. I had tacos, but they were more expensive and not as good as the food truck tacos we’ve found elsewhere — just not worth it. We need a local taco truck.

Until then, we’ll be at Viva Taqueria / Cantina. The food here is still wonderful, the margaritas, amazing. I just wish it was closer … and that they’d use The Piggery’s chorizo. Viva’s chorizo is too¬†cinnamon-spicy. Needs more peppery punch, IMO.

Next stop: Tacos at The Piggery. We’ve only been to the butcher side so far. If we’re going to find good pork tacos in Ithaca (Viva doesn’t do pork), we’re going to find them here.