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Unimaginable Luxury at The Modern Hotel and Bar in Boise

By     |    Jul 5, 2012
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The Modern Hotel and Bar is the best hotel, and bar, in Boise. It may be the best hotel, and bar, in the entire state of Idaho. The Hotel After camping for six weeks straight, it’s hard to overemphasize how luxurious our room at The Modern felt. We’d been daydreaming about this room for at least a week before we arrived. We dreamed about the comfy bed, gigantic rain shower, […]

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Casey and Molly help restore our faith in humanity!

By     |    Jul 3, 2012
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As much as we loved southern Idaho, certain things were starting to drag us down. There were too many crazy kids, too many people with no respect for boundaries, too many insane drivers. For the majority of our travels, our fellow travelers have been retirees, but now we were being bombarded by families with young kids. I’d always thought that we’d meet a bunch of people on our trip, new […]

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The Bonneville spring running into the cold stream.

The Idaho Drive: Ketchum to Boise via Stanley, Boise to McCall and back again.

By     |    Jul 2, 2012
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We had some time to kill in the Boise area and we’d heard a lot about the surrounding mountains on our last visit, so we figured we’d get out and explore the area ourselves. Who knew Idaho could be so amazing? Here are some of the things we found (and loved), as we looped from Ketchum to Boise, by way of Stanley, and from Boise to McCall and back, by […]

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Who Named it Craters of the Moon National Monument?

By     |    Jun 28, 2012
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When you visit Craters of the Moon National Monument, your first thought is that the person who named the place didn’t know too much about the moon. One wonders if he’d ever even looked at the moon. This is because the place he (most likely, it was a ‘he’) named Craters of the Moon is a giant, dark lava flow. It represents one of the more recent eruptions in this part […]

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Stormy days make the best sunsets.

Cooking dinner in a downpour

By     |    Jun 28, 2012
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It had been raining all day our last day in Yellowstone. Instead of mobbing the trails and geyers, people were hunkered down in the campgrounds, and we weren’t able to get a spot on the west side of the park. So we left the park and found a great National Forest campground north of West Yellowstone, MT (great name: Baker’s Hole, referring to the fishing, of course). It finally stopped […]

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Beautiful, beautiful Lower Yellowstone Falls. Always an amazing sight.

Yellowstone National Park: Beautiful Insanity

By     |    Jun 27, 2012
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There’s no place on earth like Yellowstone National Park. I love the smell of sulfur drifting from the geysers, hot springs, and mudpots. I love walking around the geyser basins’ alien landscape. The stinky steam has a calming effect on me, like a spa trip. Which is a good thing, because Yellowstone is insane. Way too many people. Each day I had a tolerance that steadily wore away, until I wanted […]

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The original gate in Gardiner, MT.

Trying to find the library in Gardiner, MT

By     |    Jun 26, 2012
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We’d been without internet access for about a week. It was starting to wear on us. We needed contact with the outside world, with people who weren’t currently at Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks. We decided to make for Gardiner, MT, to find a library, some groceries, and a six-pack. The drive to Gardiner was fantastic. Gardiner was the original entrance to Yellowstone, the first national park created by […]

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I know it's just a regular old squirrel, but it's pretty damn cute.

Spring Babies in the Tetons and Yellowstone

By     |    Jun 26, 2012
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June is spring in the Tetons and Yellowstone. There’s still plenty of snow on the ground and new snow threatens regularly. Night temps dip into the 30s. There are spring flowers, fresh green tips on pine trees, and squirrels shoving as much food into their faces as they possibly can. And there are babies, baby animals everywhere! Paul says the Tetons and Yellowstone are zoos without fences. It’s true. These […]

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The sampler, empty.

Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City, UT: Yes, There is Beer.

By     |    Jun 21, 2012
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While in Utah, I quickly got hooked on Uinta Brewing‘s Golden Spike Hefeweizen. It’s a delicious, light, fruity wheat beer and, thanks to its low alcohol content, you can enjoy a couple and wake up hangover-free the next morning. That’s one often overlooked advantage of the state’s alcohol content restrictions. Since we were in Salt Lake City and bored, we decided to visit the Uinta brewery — we had discovered […]

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Did we follow our travel guidelines from July 2011?

By     |    Jun 20, 2012
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About one year ago, we were finishing up work on our condo, interviewing agents, and preparing to list the place. We were still unsure whether our trip would ever get off the ground — it all depended on our condo sale and the market didn’t look too great for condos in Chicago. We were prepared for a long wait, but as we all now know, we ended up getting wildly […]

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