Radical Changes in Plans — Or Should We Say, “Plans?”

18 Oct
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Originally, we had planned to head back to Maine after our last few family events in Wisconsin.  That would be one more trip across the mid-Atlantic states, for the third time in the last few months.  But yesterday, as we began day two of the grueling drive between upstate NY and Wisconsin, we realized that we didn’t want to do this again.  We weren’t really even excited about our next few months as planned (loosely: make our way from Maine to Florida, eventually spending a month or so in the Keys).  But wait, we’re in control here, aren’t we?  Why are we doing something we aren’t excited about?

Since we started planning the trip, I have had just one thought.  It goes like this: West, west, west.  West, west, west.  We’ve got to go west.  So west we’re going.  After the 23rd of October we’ll veer a bit south, then make a beeline for the Rockies.  We’ll spend some time in New Mexico and Texas and Arizona.  Then if we’re absolutely freezing, we’ll head back over to Florida for a bit.  Then back west.  We need a change of scenery.

Delicate Arch and La Sal Mountains
Creative Commons License photo credit: deansouglass | Our new fall colors.