Frequently Asked Questions (And Our Answers)

As we share our plans with more and more people, a few questions keep popping up.  In no particular order, here they are (with answers):


© Lisa McNamara

Will you work / will you quit your jobs?

We’ll leave our jobs.  This is about detaching and exploring, not doing an across-America remote work assignment.  When and how we leave is TBD.

Are you going to visit __?

Yes, we want to go there if you recommend it.

Are you going to visit me?

Yep.  And we’d love to sleep on your futon.  And we’d really enjoy cooking dinner together and having a beer and hearing your travel stories and getting your ideas on where we should go next.  But we’ll be terrible guests — we’ll probably ask to do laundry and to wash our dishes in your sink.  We may smell like road grime, beef jerky, and coffee.  But we’ll bring the fun.  We promise.

Can we join you?

Probably.  What do you have in mind?  See above, let’s discuss then.

What will you do about money?

Well, we’re saving like crazy, but we’re also hoping this blog takes off a bit and generates some spendin’ cheese.  And honestly, we’re living in a van.  That’s not exactly baller.  We’re making a deliberate decision to forgo incremental income in favor of infinite time.  We want to be time-rich.  But if we need to hang in a place for a bit and take on a freelance gig, we’ll do it.  And I’m honestly considering selling my semen.