Podcast Episode: One Year of Early Retirement (S4:E2)

Podcast Episode: One Year of Early Retirement (S4:E2)

“Every choice you encounter has an opportunity cost – even if you choose to do nothing.” – Paul 

We’re coming up on a year of no-job roadlife! Our latest podcast episode is an unsolicited advice smorgasbord – what kind of advice are people giving us? And what advice do your two favorite unshowered dirtbags feel qualified to give you? Money, life, relationships…it’s all on the buffet table. Listen here!

If you want actual financial advice, we suggest reading “The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement,” by Mr. Money Mustache :)

With all the talk of inflation (I know, we’re sick of it too!) we thought it’d be interesting to look back on what one year of roadlife costs now vs. ten years ago. After our first year of roadlife, in 2011-2012, we put together a detailed report on what we spent that year. Looking back at it now, it’s really surprising how close the bottom line is to what we spent over the past year! The categories of spend have changed, but the total is nearly the same. Our 2011-2012 total was $51,700 and our 2021-2022 total was a little under $54,000. Now we need to see how much we can reduce that number in 2022-2023!

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