Shout Out to Gelato Vero!

Thanks to our pals at Gelato Vero for sponsoring us a drink in Taos, NM at the Adobe Bar in the Historic Taos Inn!  Of course we went for the local produce: a glass of Gruet sparkling wine for me and a Santa Fe pale ale for Paul.  The place was so gorgeous that I couldn’t even talk to anyone when I walked in.  I just stood there looking around with a stupid grin.  There are adobe arches, skylights, a sunken fireplace, and lots of interesting nooks and crannies.  But back to Gelato Vero!

Chef Melanie at Gelato Vero is an inspiration — she quit her day job to go to culinary school and is working toward her goal of opening a gelato shop in Hawaii.  She’s got the skills and the plan — it’s just a matter of time.  To work on different flavors and techniques, she hosts a gelato dinner each month in Chicago.  We were lucky enough to attend a few before we left town.  This isn’t your typical chocolate stuff (though she does that well too) — this is something different.  Garlic, sweet corn, beets, turkey, Earl Grey tea, weiss beer — the novelty of the flavors draws you in and the absolute deliciousness keeps you spooning (with a gelato paddle, of course).  If you aren’t in Chicago, you can’t experience her talents, but be on the lookout for Gelato Vero in the future.

Local flavors
Enjoying the local flavors of New Mexico