$70 Breakfast at the Station Diner with a Side of Free Hotel

Things are expensive in New York. We spent $70 on breakfast one day in Brooklyn at the Station Diner, plus tip. Insane? Or the best deal ever? You decide.

Breakfast included all-you-can-drink coffee and a cup of orange juice. Options were limited, but I opted for eggs (over-easy), potatoes, and bacon, while Lisa went for the yogurt, granola, and fruit. Both were delicious.

But there’s more. Breakfast begins the night before — you spend the night at the Union Hotel before chowing down the next morning. Weird, right? As a hotel, the Union Hotel was a bit tiny and cramped. The lobby area was the size of a small closet. Our room wasn’t much bigger than the queen bed it contained. And it was cold — we jacked the heat and still weren’t warm enough in the morning to risk hypothermia by jumping in the shower. Still, though, free hotel! You’ve just got to be comfortable shelling out for breakfast.

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