So … What’s Next? Collected Conversational Fragments

So … What’s Next? Collected Conversational Fragments

So … that was cool, huh?

Yeah, we miss the road.

I mean, sure, we have an apartment, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Think of it as us catching our breath.

No, we don’t have much planned.

No, we don’t have real jobs.

No, we’re not broke, but we’re not as fixed as we were before.

Sure, the PowerBall would have been nice, but I tallied up everything I wanted to buy — it was only $250,000 — and most of that was for a place in Durango to set up as a home base. The rest was a Wrangler (4WD, natch), a Fiat 500 (which we’re still trying to win), and some nerdy gadgets.

The only thing the Lotto would change would be that I’d opt for the Fiat Abarth instead of the base model. And our trips would get crazier — like driving the Nürburgring or doing a Patagonia-LA road trip.

And maybe I’d get a sailboat.

Well, yeah, living expenses, sure. But you can always die young.

No, that was a joke.

Trumansburg isn’t that bad.


Come on.

Always having something new to explore — that’s what I miss — the flux.

Yeah, it feels like that.
Yeah, it feels like that.