The Best Wine Deals in London

Slight amendment to this post. We did find two good wine deals while in London.

  1. Half-off Champagne at Tesco. Just some random French bottle. It was pretty great and £12.99 ($21), 50% off its normal price. Not worth $42. That’s Bollinger price territory back home.
  2. Half-off 2010 vintage Freixenet (fresh-e-net) at Sainsbury’s. Normally, Lisa’s not a huge fan of the black bottle, but for £6.99 ($9.70), we had to try it. It was fantastic.

Both of these, thanks to their mega-sale prices, were cheaper than equivalent American bottles. That’s rare here.

The other thing we noticed: store-brand wine is common here. Tesco has this (we had one of their boxes … it wasn’t great), Sainsbury’s has this too, as does Marks & Spencer. Its sort of like how Trader Joe’s does it, just more expensive. The cheapest bottle we’ve seen was £4.99, or $8.

Buy the half-off stuff instead.

Freixenet 2010 Vintage Especial, on sale at Sainsbury's.
Freixenet 2010 Vintage Especial, on sale at Sainsbury’s.