Goodbye Wisconsin, Hello Again Chicago

Last week we learned that people in Northern Wisconsin call people from Illinois FIBs — F*&#ing Illinois Bastards. Last night I was working on a post about the Angry Minnow, a brewery in Hayward, WI, when I inadvertently discovered that their website is infected by a Trojan that then proceeded to infect my PC. Coincidence?

Luckily, I’m surrounded by computer geeks, so rather than giving some talented idiot my credit card number, I was just put out of commission for a few hours. I’d really like to talk about the Angry Minnow, which is a great brewery and restaurant started by two brothers in Hayward, but now I’m really angry about their lack of website savvy. So I’ll just say this: if you’re within an hour radius of Hayward, check out the Angry Minnow. But by all means, DO NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE!!! Just look them up on yelp or something.

Post continued after calming photo interlude…

Exhale, inhale
Exhale, inhale

That’s better. So it’s been three weeks since we left Chicago and we’ve only slept in our van twice. This past weekend was another fun one – we were graciously hosted by our pals Josh and Ashley in Milwaukee and we got to see lots of friends and family. And now here we are again, back in Chicago. It’s great to be here as visitors and we’ll do some touristy things today. I’m excited to be back in the city, to see familiar sights and faces, but it doesn’t feel like we’re home – it feels like we’re back too soon – like we’re dropping in on people that we just saw an hour ago.

Our friends and family have been amazing, taking great care of us and fattening us up for the long winter months. But all of this moving around has started to wear on us a bit. It’s been one long celebration, but even celebration gets old. We’re really looking forward to spending a week or two in one place. It’ll be fun to have a home base, to get bored again.

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