Gangnam Style Tea

Yummy tea with milk and sugar.
Yummy tea with milk and sugar.

I used to drink my tea straight, unmolested, and I used to hardly drink any at all. Here, I’m sucking down maybe a liter of hot tea a day. It’s delicious. This is, mind you, in addition to my normal ration of coffee. It’s just something to sip. I don’t mind drinking it in the afternoon, because it’s not too high in caffeine.

For most of last week, I’d kick the day off with tea. Drink a cup of coffee before heading out. Maybe have another cup of tea before or with lunch. Then maybe another in the afternoon. Why the quick conversion from being a non-tea drinker? Milk and sugar.

It’s just so much better with milk and sugar. I don’t want to drink a sugar drink. I won’t touch a glass of milk. But throw a bit of both into a cup of tea and I’m in heaven.

Why’s it called Gangnam Style, shouldn’t it be “English” style tea? Well, after all the caffeine, I’m ready to dance around London like this:

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