Aspen Has Great Pizza

We didn’t think we’d like Aspen. We were expecting affluent assholes, pretentious pricks, and spoiled schoolkids. We were expecting Telluride. Telluride feels like it’s uncomfortable with its rich-town status. It asserts that its mine is still open, that it’s a working-class town. Which is bullshit, of course, the houses in town start at $2MM. Telluride is rich but self-conscious. It’s annoying and grating. Aspen is somehow the opposite.

Aspen is rich and not self-conscious at all. It’s just rich and doesn’t give a shit. It’s comfortable being rich, and we felt comfortable not being rich there. I don’t care that the women shop at the local Chanel or Burberry stores; they can do whatever they want. Just don’t wear a Burberry scarf and tell me it’s only there to keep your neck warm. Be comfortable with your status symbols, Telluride!

So as I was saying, Aspen is awesome. There’s even a New York-style floppy pizza slice place (we definitely didn’t see THAT coming). You can grab a slice to go and eat in the pedestrian-only area of town where there are tables and statues and little streams running along the sidewalks that the dogs play in. And the dogs are somehow all well-behaved, like they’ve all gone to finishing school (because they probably have). It’s a very pleasant town.

But if there ever was an expensive ski town, it’s Aspen. I’ve never seen more land listings for over $50MM than in Aspen. Houses are just as bad. We saw a downtown, skiing-adjacent apartment for sale for $400,000. It’s a studio.

We’re going to have to get serious about winning the lottery if we want to live here.

Damn good pizza. Damn good town.
Damn good pizza. Damn good town.