Camping Recipe: Blue Cheese Sauce

Camping Recipe: Blue Cheese Sauce

One of our favorite treats from our local Chicago corner restaurant was an appetizer of potato chips covered with blue cheese sauce and Tabasco. It was always so indulgent, and it always seemed like something we’d never be able to make at home. But in Oregon, craving something fatty to help us battle the cold dampness, we decided to give it a try on our Coleman. For those of you who have cooked on a Coleman stove, you’ll know that it’s not the kind of stove that likes to make delicate things like sauces. Need to heat up some chili? Fine, it can handle that. Boil some water? OK, but you’ll have to let it do it on its own time. But to our surprise, the old Coleman handled this blue cheese sauce quite well (modified for camping, of course).

Here’s a fabulous shortcut blue cheese sauce recipe:

Ingredients: 1 can condensed milk, crumbled blue cheese or sliced blue cheese to taste

Preparation: heat up condensed milk on stove, stir in blue cheese. Stir until it’s smooth (beware of scorching).

And: that’s it.

Serve this sauce over potato chips or anything else that would benefit from some extra blue cheesiness…a steak, mashed potatoes, cooked spinach or broccoli, mac and cheese, rosemary ice cream…

Yum...a tasty and simple blue cheese sauce.
Yum…a tasty and simple blue cheese sauce.