Feedback from the Glacier Crew

Feedback from the Glacier Crew

We love hearing from our readers whether it’s via the contact page or as a comment on a post. Bill (who has his own blog) shared this:

Greetings from Glacier National Park. Someone on the staff here discovered your blog the other day and showed me the haikus that you created at the park. It really made us smile. We just installed those exhibits about three weeks ago and were not sure how they would be received. It’s our attempt to reach out to different audiences, rather than have all of our exhibits be the same traditional formats. Hopefully people find them interesting. We loved that you were inspired enough to continue the haiku theme back at your campground.

We didn’t realize the haiku exhibit was so new! We loved reading them, of course. It was really nice to see something new and different. We liked how they invited us to ponder in the forest instead of attempting to fill us with statistics and figures. You can read facts and paragraphs anywhere. Strolling through the woods is special. The haiku exhibit enhanced the experience.

We hope this creativity catches on at other parks.

Jammin' in Glacier / Avoid driving on the roads / Or write a poem.
Jammin’ in Glacier / Avoid driving on the roads / Or write a poem.