Mt. Rainier: The Mountain with Sound Effects

The thing I love about Mount Rainier is how it reveals itself. It’s just not visible all the time even / especially when you’re right next to it. It hides. It’s shy or something. And then BAM! there it is. Other times it’s more like ta-DA!! or da-dada-DA!!

Somehow, whenever I see it, my mind plays a sound effect. You see its shoulder, you see its upper shoulder, then its upper-upper shoulder, then the top finally. If you’re in your car, it may not even fit in view. It’s big. The roof of your car may crop off the top; you’ll have to edge closer to the dashboard to see it. I love it.

Am I the only one that this happens to?

Oh, what is that on the left?
Oh, what is that on the left?
Wait, is it ...?
Wait, is it …?
Oh ... my ... Jebuses.
Oh … my … Jebuses.
Kapow! I'm Mount Rainier, Bitch!
Kapow! I’m Mount Rainier, Bitch!

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